How to Stay Cool on your Boat

By Formula Boats.

Boating in warm weather under the sun can be relaxing and rejuvenating — but it can also be sweltering hot. Whether you are fishing off the coast of Florida or cruising around the Caribbean, you are bound to start sweating in the summer heat. As the temperatures keep climbing, boating can become almost unbearable on the hottest days of the year.

Luckily, there are many practical ways to stay cool while boating so you don’t have to miss out on any summer boating adventures. We’ll teach you how to keep your boat cabin cool and other tricks to beat the heat while boating this season.

21 Tips to Beat the Heat on Your Boat

    • 1. Splash Water on the Deck
    • 2. Install a Misting System
    • 3. Install a Shade Structure
    • 4. Use a Wind Funnel
    • 5. Install Rain Visors
    • 6. Use Small Fans
    • 7. Use an Air Conditioner
    • 8. Try a Cooling Mattress or Sleep Outside
    • 9. Change Your Light Bulbs
    • 10. Stay Hydrated
    • 11. Eat Light Foods
    • 12. Bring a Cooler
    • 13. Wear Sunscreen
    • 14. Wear Protective Clothing
    • 15. Wear a Hat
    • 16. Wear Sunglasses
    • 17. Use a Wet Bandana or Cooling Towel
    • 18. Try Ice Packs
    • 19. Chill Your Lotion