July: High Season for Whale Watching in NYC

By Rove.me

Whales have been rarely seen in New York City waters until 2011, but in recent years the whale population in the Big Apple water has been booming. More than 300 cetaceans have been spotted in just one year. All thanks to a better quality of water in the bays and reduction of toxic waste! Naturally, whale watching has become a popular summer activity for many tourists and New Yorkers. During the warmer time of the year, you can spot humpback, minke, pilot, sperm and fin whales as well as extremely rare killer whales and blue whales. Some whales stay in New York waters throughout the whole summer to feed on plankton and krill along the continental shelf, others pass by during spring and fall migrations. You can also spot here plenty of grey and harbor seals as well as Risso’s and bottlenose dolphins.

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