Farming Sea Scallops in Maine Offers New Opportunities and Builds Community Resilience


See how farming sea scallops in Maine is helping fishermen and coastal communities face new challenges and adapt.

Fishermen on boat lowers sea scallops into the water.Fishermen lowers sea scallops into the water. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Aquaculture of sea scallops in Maine has been steadily developing for about 20 years. This type of seafood farming offers new opportunities for both new and established commercial fishermen. It is also helping coastal communities in Maine become more resilient to impacts of climate change and the loss of traditional fisheries opportunities.

Another benefit? Shellfish aquaculture is quite sustainable. In essence, this kind of farming includes no additives and scallops also filter the surrounding water. Watch the video below to see scallop farming in action and find out more about the opportunities it provides.