Beach Time, Learning Time

By Jennifer Brett.

Having a beach day? Why not add some marine science to it? With these four fun games and activities, kids can learn about the shoreline habitats, beach ecology and the animals that call the coast home – and they probably won’t even realize it’s “educational.” Win-win!

All of these activities are available to download for free on our Kids Environmental Lesson Plans site!

Beach Bingo

Who doesn’t like a game of bingo? In this version of bingo, you can choose items that the kids need to find – shells, rocks, seaweed, sea glass, whatever is available! Whoever finds five in a row wins! Afterward, you can talk about what everyone found. What was the easiest to find? The most difficult?

Beach Bucket Scavenger Hunt

In this activity, kids explore a sandy beach, with buckets in hand, and collect some items that they find. Afterward, it’s time to sort – are the items plants, animals or manmade? – and discuss what makes a healthy beach ecology (and what doesn’t).

Beach Sculpture

Have some artists at the beach with you? In this activity, kids can use materials and sand found on the beach and create unique pieces of art!

Plastic Beach

This activity will educate students on plastic pollution/trash found in our oceans and on our beaches. Kids will learn the negative environmental effects of plastic pollution, along with solutions. They will carry out beach research to document how much plastic pollution is on a local beach by analyzing plastic pollution in multiple 1-meter by 1-meter quadrants.