Newest Back Cove Yacht Heads Into Busy Boating Seasons

7/19/2013 - Back Cove Yachts is pleased to announce the successful launch of its latest model, the Back Cove Downeast 37. The celebration took place on Thursday, July 11th, attended by over 100 friends, dealers, and members of the media, at DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant in Portland. The Downeast 37 got rave reviews… SEE MORE
Bob Preston's Back Cove 37, "Family Ties"

Ready to Start Cruising? 5 Tips from a Veteran Cruiser

4/12/2013 - Bob Preston, a two-time Back Cove owner, has been boating for 40 years and has cruised over 11,000 nautical miles in the last three years. Bob retired in 2011 after enjoying a 33-year career in the insurance industry building a large insurance organization. He retired at the young age of… SEE MORE
Two scales are used to weigh the 37-foot Back Cove Downeast 37 hull.

At Back Cove Yachts, Every Pound Counts

3/13/2013 - Every pound counts, so we count every pound! It’s true. At Back Cove Yachts in Rockland we weigh all of the parts that go into our boats — especially the hull. The weight is important in determining the performance of each model. Product Engineer Glenn Campbell had fun last week… SEE MORE

Back Cove Yachts Introduces 41′ Flagship

3/4/2013 - Back Cove Yachts, based in Rockland, is pleased to announce its latest design, the Back Cove 41 which will debut in February 2014. Kevin Burns, Vice President of Design and Product Development, says: "The 41 was conceived from the onset to serve as the flagship of the Back Cove fleet.… SEE MORE
Back Cove 34 Master Cabin

Perfect Yachts Require Perfect Finishing Touches

2/4/2013 - Back Cove yachts are known for their beautiful downeast design and fuel-efficient engines, but another charm to these boats is the fine woodwork handcrafted by Back Cove associates based in Rockland. The skills of these nine associates are second to none. They build everything from cabinets to tables to interior… SEE MORE
Lamination Department - P Stage

Behind the Scenes: Assembly Line at Back Cove Yachts

1/14/2013 - What takes place on the assembly line at Back Cove Yachts? Here’s the scoop…. Over fifty boats get built at Back Cove Yachts, based in Rockland, on an annual basis. The shop floor has two assembly lines. The Back Cove 37 occupies Line One, and the Back Cove 30 and… SEE MORE
Downeast 37

Back Cove Yachts Announces New Downeast 37

12/21/2012 - Back Cove Yachts of Rockland, Maine, is pleased to announce their latest design, the Back Cove Downeast 37, which will debut in July 2013. The company's new tagline, “Practical Elegance, From Maine”, defines the Back Cove Downeast 37 well. It is practical, elegant and perfectly suited for a day trip… SEE MORE
The team from Boston Yacht Sales in front of Hull No. 500. This same crew took delivery of Hull No. 1!

Back Cove Celebrates 500th Launch & New Tagline

12/14/2012 - Back Cove Yachts was proud to announce the company's new tagline — “Practical Elegance, From Maine” — during the 500th Launch Celebration that took place December 5. Jason Constantine, C.O.O. of Back Cove Yachts, says, “A more fitting tagline could not be created. We are fortunate to have achieved this… SEE MORE
A Back Cove 30 cruises  on The New Meadows River.

Back Cove Yachts Celebrates 500th Launch

11/14/2012 - Back Cove Yachts is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its 500th yacht on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. The company, which was established in 2003, has been building composite hard top express powerboats for nearly a decade. It all began with the Back Cove 29 and the desire to… SEE MORE

Roman poet Lucretius quote

12/9/2011 - "Suave mari magno, turbantibus aequora ventis E terra magnum alterius spectare laborem." OK, scholars. What was this great Roman poet saying back in the first century B.C., and how is it relevant to our lives on the coast? SEE MORE