The Palm Beach Boat Show

Solar-Powered Yachts Highlight the Palm Beach International Boat Show

29/3/2019 - By Mareesa Nicosia Tens of thousands of seafarers and hundreds of well-appointed vessels—some outfitted for solar-powered propulsion—are convening under fair skies in Palm Beach this weekend. The 34th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show displays $1.2 billion worth of yachts and accessories, including everything from 8-foot inflatables to 300-foot-long super… SEE MORE
Key West Boat Wreck

A Captain’s Guide to Boat Salvage

4/3/2019 - On August 24, 1867, the Blackwell, a British ship docked in San Francisco Harbor caught fire around 4 a.m. When the crew was unable to contain the blaze, it was forced to abandon ship. As the fire raged, a tug boat docked nearby named the Goliath raced over to the… SEE MORE
Hoi An designed by Stephens Waring

The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design

22/2/2019 - The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design The key to a successful SOT design (that is short for Spirit of Tradition) is to set your sights on interpreting a specific vernacular, as they say in traditional architecture. And never take your eye off that design ball. Whether it’s a slavish… SEE MORE