Deduct your yacht purchase under the new tax laws

Deduct Your Yacht Purchase as a Tax Write-Off

12/12/2018 - “There’s never been a better time to buy a boat than right now.” Anyone that has ever talked with a boat dealer or a yacht broker has probably heard that phrase and it’s true from an emotional standpoint. But from now until 2022, there may be some legitimacy to that… SEE MORE
Floating Residence by Stephens Waring

Boats of the Year Spotlight #11

12/12/2018 - LEADING THE WAY. It’s what Maine companies do. Sometimes that looks like refining a product over decades or centuries—always dependable, always improving. Sometimes it means pushing the envelope and envisioning something completely new. Shaw & Tenney has perfected boat oars, paddles, and boathooks for the last 160 years, with functional… SEE MORE
The sixth day of AM38 Sailing--copyright Amory Ross

Pro-Set, Inc. Selected As Official Supplier To American Magic

5/12/2018 - New York Yacht Club American Magic, U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, recently appointed PRO-SET, Inc. as an Official Supplier. The team will use PRO-SET epoxies in the construction of the AC75, a 23-meter mono-hull designed to sail above water on advanced hydrofoils. PRO-SET, Inc. will supply American Magic… SEE MORE
Sabre 45 Salon Express

Boats of the Year Spotlight #10

5/12/2018 - EVERY BOAT IS THE PERFECT BOAT. We all have a vision of our ideal day spent in our ideal boat. From entertaining aboard a luxurious motoryacht to paddling about in a rowboat or experiencing extreme offshore sailing, Maine boatbuilders know how to cater to those individual styles and get boaters… SEE MORE
Chainplates Matter: On this all-composite 60-footer, we engineered composite chainplates.  The  right material. And some finesse

Marine Engineering 103: The Hidden Life of Chainplates

29/11/2018 - In terms of unknown, unloved, and uncared-for naval engineering heroes, it’s tough to beat chainplates. That’s right, chainplates. The deeply-engineered chunks of metal or space-age composites that join hulls to rigging and masts. Chainplates aren’t exactly flashy. They do none of the sexy “sail-ish” stuff of generating lift or foiling… SEE MORE