Hoi An designed by Stephens Waring

The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design

22/2/2019 - The 8 Rules of Spirit-of-Tradition Yacht Design The key to a successful SOT design (that is short for Spirit of Tradition) is to set your sights on interpreting a specific vernacular, as they say in traditional architecture. And never take your eye off that design ball. Whether it’s a slavish… SEE MORE
Island Packet 349 Midsize Cruiser

Island Packet 349 Named Domestic Boat of the Year

13/2/2019 - Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. In a resounding return to national prominence after a change of ownership that resulted in a few seasons of sitting on the sidelines, Island Packet Yachts has returned, and in a big way. Its comeback boat, the 37-foot-10-inch Island… SEE MORE
Key West, Florida

Unique Harbors Around the US

1/2/2019 - In honor of the Best Harbors 2019 contest we wanted to share a few of our nominees who are known for being the most, best or least…the southernmost, northernmost, largest, smallest, foggiest, most successful and the busiest. Southernmost Harbor in the US mainland: Key West, Florida As part of the… SEE MORE