How you can make a difference along the coast

Giving Tuesday (and all year round)

27/11/2018 - Today is Giving Tuesday, a day where we are encouraged to donate to the non-profits and charities of our choice. There are, however, other ways we can give back to the things that we care most about, and it's not just limited to one day a year. For those that… SEE MORE
Blood, Guts, and Luxury

Blood, Guts, And Luxury: A Tale Of Two Sportfish

3/10/2018 - The days of bare-bones, rugged offshore fishing boats are over. Today’s multi-million dollar sportfishing market is making demands like a personal trainer – get stronger and lose more weight! Advancements in materials and construction techniques, such as the vacuum-bagging, high-quality resin-infusion process that is becoming commonplace with today’s boat builders,… SEE MORE
A buoy missing its bell, courtesy the Coast Guard

Coast Guard asks for help finding missing buoy bells

14/6/2018 - Someone has been stealing the bell and gongs off navigational buoys along the Maine coast and the Coast Guard wants help tracking down the perpetrator(s). So far, Coast Guard crews charged with maintaining aids to navigation have identified at least seven instances where the noise-making devices have been removed over… SEE MORE
A Mozambican fisherman

The History of Seine Fishing

23/5/2018 - Beach seining is an activity that involves pulling a long seine through the water of an adjacent beach. A seine is usually manned by two people, one on each end of the net. With smaller nets, and where allowed, one person can anchor an end to the beach and swing… SEE MORE