The view under a schooner's bow, as a lobsterboat unloads its traps.

Final November Row of the Season

11/21/2011 - Last week I had the urge to take one final row on my home harbor of Rockport, Maine. The summerlike afternoon, in November, made it hard to resist. Rowing up the placid Goose River at dead low tide felt like floating in the bottom of a granite block-lined crevasse. You… SEE MORE
Foggy morning in Burnt Coat Harbor

Meeting the Fishing Fraternity on Swans Island

11/14/2011 - Swans Island is a quiet place, a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. It is a place where fishermen go about their daily business, and complete strangers wave to you as they pass by on the winding roads that cover this lovely piece of land, eight… SEE MORE

Not Too Late for Some Striper Action in Maine

10/2/2011 - By this point in the year plenty of people are already calling the Striped Bass season over in Maine, but they're doing so at their peril. Little do they realize that the hefty stripers haven't all departed for southern waters yet — they just might have moved into warmer waters… SEE MORE