An Unusual Snack for Cows, a Powerful Fix for Climate Change

12/2/2020 - By Tatiana Schlossberg. One of the most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change is washing up on shorelines around the world, unnoticed by most beachgoers. It’s seaweed. Specifically, Asparagopsis taxiformis and Asparagopsis armata — two species of a crimson submarine grass that drifts on waves and tides all around the world’s oceans.… SEE MORE

Fishing and Boating Charities to Support this Giving Tuesday

11/30/2020 - This Giving Tuesday, December 1st, don't forget to support your favorite seafaring charitable organizations! Of course the best gifting is that which supports your local organizations... those that help get kids and the disadvantaged into boats, work to conserve our environment, and preserve our marine history. If you're still looking for… SEE MORE

Rockland’s Lobster Trap Tree Rises to it’s 20th

11/25/2020 - By Sarah Thompson. The annual Lobster Trap Christmas Tree re-grew to its full height of holiday tradition, Tuesday, Nov. 24, at Mildred Merrill Park overlooking Rockland Harbor. Thirty members of the Coast Guard vessels Abbie Burgess, Thunder Bay, and The Tackle, along with members of the station took on this year’s resurrection, commencing operation at… SEE MORE

These Items in Your Home Are Harming America’s Sea Animals

11/20/2020 - By Catrin Einhorn. How severely the world’s plastic waste crisis is affecting marine wildlife is not fully understood, despite decades of research and gruesome images of whales’ bellies filled with plastic and a turtle with a straw lodged in its nostril. A new report by Oceana, a conservation group, illustrates some of what we know… SEE MORE