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The Economic Impacts of Marine Debris on Tourism-Dependent Communities

9/30/2023 by Param Bhatia

By The tourism and recreation sector is the largest employer in the ocean and Great Lakes economy. This sector relies heavily on healthy coastal and ocean resources as well as the aesthetic quality of the environment. Unfortunately, marine debris is a pervasive issue in many coastal areas of the… SEE MORE

On September 10, 2023, Antarctic sea ice hit a historic low of 16.96 million sq km, 1.03 million sq km below the 1986 record

2023 Antarctic sea ice winter maximum is lowest on record by a wide margin

9/29/2023 by Param Bhatia

By Overview of conditions On September 10, 2023, sea ice in the Antarctic reached an annual maximum extent of 16.96 million square kilometers (6.55 million square miles), setting a record low maximum in the satellite record that began in 1979. This year’s maximum is 1.03 million square kilometers (398,000 square miles) below the previous… SEE MORE


Oceans in a new light

9/28/2023 by Param Bhatia

By An optical sensor smaller than a postage stamp could help coastal communities monitor some of the world’s largest marine protected areas. On a warm day this spring, an airplane carrying Stanford experimental physicist Halleh Balch touched down on the island nation of Palau in the Western Pacific as a brewing… SEE MORE

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Cold-Weather Seamanship

9/27/2023 by Param Bhatia

By Nine tips for by wallpaperflarewallpaperflareWa. The weather may have cooled, but the passion to continue boating burns bright for many. Once fall sets in for good, the skies get bluer, the air gets crisper, and the crowds get thinner. Use these tips to maintain personal safety and convenience… SEE MORE