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Hagen’s Cove is in the Big Bend region of northwestern Florida. It is located in Apalachee Bay along the broad arc of land where the predominantly east-west coastline of the Florida Panhandle connects to the predominantly north-south geography of the Florida Peninsula. The Big Bend region stretches eastward from the Forgotten Coast past the delta of the Suwannee River, with some definitions extending the southwestern end as far as the edge of the Tampa Bay area. Inland areas are often covered with woodlands and marshes around the southward- and southwestward-trending rivers draining towards the Gulf of Mexico. The Big Bend region includes the area between the Apalachicola and Suwannee Rivers historically called Middle Florida. North Florida’s portion of the Red Hills Region is located within the Big Bend region. The Big Bend Coast either contains or is coterminous with the Nature Coast.

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