Camp Ellis, ME Weather Forecast and Current Conditions

DaySkyHigh / LowPrecipWindHumidity
Sep 22
Mostly Cloudy-º / 63º15%S 9 mph96%
Sep 23
Partly Cloudy
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70º / 63º23%SSE 12 mph88%
12amCloudy67º15%S 8 mph93%
1amCloudy66º15%S 8 mph96%
2amCloudy66º15%S 8 mph94%
3amMostly Cloudy64º15%S 8 mph96%
4amMostly Cloudy64º4%S 8 mph95%
5amMostly Cloudy64º3%SSE 8 mph97%
6amPartly Cloudy64º5%SSE 8 mph97%
7amPartly Cloudy64º8%SSE 7 mph98%
8amPartly Cloudy65º15%SSE 7 mph95%
9amPartly Cloudy67º18%SSE 8 mph94%
10amMostly Cloudy68º21%SSE 9 mph89%
11amMostly Cloudy69º23%SSE 9 mph86%
12pmPartly Cloudy69º17%SSE 10 mph86%
1pmMostly Cloudy70º15%SSE 11 mph84%
2pmPartly Cloudy70º15%SSE 11 mph84%
3pmPartly Cloudy70º15%SSE 12 mph84%
4pmPartly Cloudy69º15%SSE 12 mph84%
5pmPartly Cloudy68º15%SE 11 mph87%
6pmPartly Cloudy67º15%SE 10 mph88%
7pmPartly Cloudy67º15%SE 9 mph91%
8pmPartly Cloudy66º16%SE 9 mph94%
9pmPartly Cloudy66º17%SE 9 mph94%
10pmPartly Cloudy66º15%SE 8 mph95%
11pmMostly Cloudy65º22%SE 8 mph96%
Sep 24
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69º / 60º74%SSE 16 mph94%
12amMostly Cloudy65º24%SE 9 mph98%
1amMostly Cloudy65º22%SE 9 mph98%
2amMostly Cloudy65º24%SE 10 mph100%
3amFew Showers64º33%SE 10 mph100%
4amShowers65º35%SE 10 mph100%
5amShowers65º45%SE 10 mph100%
6amShowers65º48%SE 11 mph100%
7amShowers65º50%SE 11 mph100%
8amShowers66º59%SSE 11 mph100%
9amLight Rain67º60%SSE 13 mph99%
10amRain68º75%SSE 14 mph95%
11amLight Rain68º68%SSE 14 mph94%
12pmLight Rain68º64%SSE 14 mph94%
1pmShowers69º50%SSE 14 mph92%
2pmShowers69º47%SSE 15 mph91%
3pmShowers69º45%SSE 15 mph91%
4pmShowers69º52%SSE 16 mph89%
5pmShowers69º59%SSE 14 mph90%
6pmThunderstorms68º63%SSE 14 mph92%
7pmThunderstorms67º68%SSE 13 mph95%
8pmThunderstorms67º72%SSE 12 mph97%
9pmThunderstorms66º81%S 10 mph98%
10pmThunderstorms66º83%S 9 mph99%
11pmRain66º79%S 8 mph100%
Sep 25
Showers71º / 58º45%SSW 8 mph80%
Sep 26
Partly Cloudy72º / 53º24%WSW 10 mph71%
Sep 27
Mostly Sunny69º / 52º7%W 12 mph63%
Sep 28
Partly Cloudy68º / 52º23%W 9 mph66%
Sep 29
Partly Cloudy66º / 53º24%N 8 mph71%

Weather Radar for Camp Ellis, ME See Radar

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NOAA Weather Marine Forecast for Camp Ellis, ME

Low : 61ºF
S wind around 10 kt. A chance of drizzle after 3am. Patchy fog. Seas around 2 ft.
High : 71ºF
SE wind around 10 kt. A chance of showers before 1pm, then a slight chance of showers after 5pm. Patchy fog. Seas around 2 ft.
Thursday Night
Low : 62ºF
SE wind around 10 kt. A slight chance of showers before 8pm, then a chance of drizzle between 8pm and 9pm, then a chance of rain or drizzle after 9pm. Areas of fog. Seas around 2 ft.
High : 69ºF
SE wind 10 to 15 kt, with gusts as high as 20 kt. Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm. Seas 2 to 3 ft.
Friday Night
Low : 62ºF
S wind 10 to 15 kt. Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Patchy fog. Seas 2 to 3 ft.
High : 69ºF
S wind 5 to 10 kt. Showers likely before 11am, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm between 11am and 2pm, then showers likely after 2pm. Patchy fog before 9am. Seas around 2 ft.
Saturday Night
Low : 59ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. A chance of showers. Seas around 2 ft.
High : 70ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. A chance of showers. Seas around 2 ft.
Sunday Night
Low : 56ºF
Variable winds 5 kt or less. Mostly clear. Seas around 2 ft.

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    Wind Speed Forecast for Camp Ellis, ME

    Wind Speed (MPH)8871012991011141612

    Current Weather Conditions In Camp Ellis, ME

    As Of: 38 minutes ago

    • 67ºF
    • 67ºF
    • 8mph
    • 0º (S)
    • 8mph
    • Cloudy
    • 4mi
    • 30.12"
    • 93%
    • 0ºF

    The weather right now in Camp Ellis, ME is Cloudy. The current temperature is 67°F, and the expected high and low for today, Thursday, September 23, 2021, are -° high temperature and 63°F low temperature. The wind is currently blowing at 8 miles per hour, and coming from the South. The wind is gusting to 8 mph. With the wind and the atmosphere the temperature feels like 67° Fahrenheit. Expected precipitation is 15 percent, with current humidity at 93 percent, and air pressure at 30.12 in. Visibility is 4 nautical miles. There are no current weather alert(s).