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Worcester Boat Show

Boston, MA March 13 - March 15

Have you ever thought about owning a boat or personal watercraft? Or perhaps you need a new dock? Then you can’t afford to miss the 2019 Worcester Boat Show! From March 15-17th, the DCU Convention Center will be filled with all the latest 2019 model boats and accessories for your summer fun… SEE MORE

Boston Harborfest Celebrations

Boston, MA July 4 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Celebrate Independence Day with us! Step back into the 18th century and join us for a night of historical merrymaking! Come celebrate the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Experience a bustling colonial wharf through hands-on activities, games and interactive performances. Meet Paul Revere and the daring Sons of Liberty!… SEE MORE

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Intrepid Boats

Intrepid Boats is on an inspired roll: they released 9 new models in a single year!

2/3/2020 by US Harbors

Ken Clinton, the president of Intrepid Boats, has spent the past 12 months living and breathing new boat designs. After nearly 30 years with the company, this year marks a capstone for him and his team with the release of 9 new models in a single year! Intrepid Boats, founded… SEE MORE

12 Acres of Boats

Highlights from the 2019 New England Boat Show

2/20/2019 by US Harbors

by Dave Getchell The annual New England Boat Show in Boston has remained a big focus of mariners' midwinter dreams for more than 30 years. How big of a focus, you ask? How about "acres of boats," or more precisely, 12 acres of boats. There's almost every type of boat… SEE MORE

Rising Seas Swallow $403 Million in New England Home Values

2/4/2019 by US Harbors

Data scientists from First Street Foundation and Columbia University have expanded their peer-reviewed housing market research to include 2.5 million coastal properties in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and found that increased tidal flooding caused by sea level rise has eroded $403.1 million in relative home values between… SEE MORE

TWIST (formerly Hazel W III), at home on the Mediterranean.

New England Dragger, Mediterranean Yacht: Meet TWIST

10/8/2014 by South Shore Boatworks

Never in Bob Fuller's wildest dreams would he have thought that three years ago, during the dead of winter, he would be contacted by a Swiss physician about the possibility of rebuilding and converting a 40-year-old wooden lobsterboat into a yacht that would one day be going to Europe. But… SEE MORE

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