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Decoding Barometers: The Importance of Understanding Pressure Changes

5/18/2024 by Param Bhatia

By If you just look at a barometer once, it’s pretty much as satirist Ambrose Bierce described. The needle on the front of that old school brass barometer points to “Fair,” and when you look outside, sure enough, it’s not a bad day. When it says “Rain,” often enough,… SEE MORE

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The Complex Dynamics of Coastal Flooding Along the US Atlantic Coast

5/17/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Research led by Deltares, USGS, and USACE investigates the interplay between tropical and extratropical cyclones in driving coastal flooding along the subtropical Southeast Atlantic Coast of the United States. The research presents a comprehensive flood hazard and impact assessment spanning from Virginia to Florida, offering critical insights into… SEE MORE

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Nothing to Sneeze at: New Research Shows Pollen can Change the Weather

5/16/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Experimental model explores connection between air quality and weather. More than 80 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies due to airborne pollen, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Associated medical costs exceed $3 billion every year, with nearly half of those costs linked… SEE MORE

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The Study of Fish Tagging for Coastal Fisheries Management

5/14/2024 by Param Bhatia

By Frank Sargeant. Fish tagging is a powerful tool for the study of fish in coastal fisheries management where ever it’s used, allowing fishery scientists and fishery managers to keep tabs on the growth, mobility and to some extent the mortality rate of various fish. When anglers recapture a tagged… SEE MORE