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Assessing the Global Climate in September 2023

10/13/2023 - By Earth had its warmest September; sixth consecutive month of record-high global ocean surface temperature September Highlights: Last month, the January–September 2023 period surpassed January–September 2016 as the warmest such year-to-date period on record. Record-warm temperatures covered 20% of the world's surface this September, which was the highest percentage… SEE MORE
Dramatic Views of Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station From 9 12 (42828603210) by WikiCommons.

Building Codes Save Money and Lives

8/29/2023 - By After Category 5 Hurricane Michael slammed into Mexico Beach, Fla., in 2018, there was a dramatic contrast in destruction: homes built at or beyond state building codes still stood, whereas many of those built before those stringent codes were enacted were simply gone. Michael is one of a… SEE MORE
The Earth's scorching trend persists as global sea surface temperatures break records for the fourth consecutive month

Record Shattering: Earth Had its Hottest July in 174 Years

8/19/2023 - By Global sea surface temperature hit record high for 4th-consecutive month. Earth just roasted under its hottest July on record, according to scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). For the fourth-consecutive month, the global ocean surface temperature also hit a record high. Here’s a closer look into NOAA’s latest… SEE MORE
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Rare New England tornado lifts car from a Highway as Strong Storms Damage Homes and Flood Roads

8/18/2023 - By A rare Rhode Island tornado lifted a car off a highway Friday as severe weather swept already storm-weary New England, damaging homes, flooding roads and toppling trees. Tornadoes were reported in several spots in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. The National Weather Service said there were at least… SEE MORE
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Climate Anxiety

8/11/2023 - By The existential threat posed by climate change is deeply troubling to many young people Elizabeth Pinsky used to think of climate change as less a near-term threat than one whose effects loomed in the distant future. Then headlines about a 2018 climate report from the United Nations caught… SEE MORE