A compilation of NBC and Telemundo meteorologists working remotely from home. (Credit: NBC Universal)

Hundreds of America’s TV Meteorologists are Working from Home. Here’s How They Do It.

4/15/2020 - By Matthew Cappucci. The coronavirus crisis shaking the nation and the world has changed daily life in just about every way. The pandemic has entirely altered the way many industries operate. Even television stations have been forced to overhaul operations, with newscasts in some cases delivered entirely from the refuge of anchors’… SEE MORE

Coast Guard Makes Masks for Fight Against COVID-19

4/13/2020 - NORTH BEND, OR. -- Coast Guard aviation survival technicians, better known as rescue swimmers, undergo some of the most intense training available in any military branch. They are highly conditioned rescue and survival experts drilled to operate in a variety of adverse maritime environments. Rescue swimmers achieve proficiency in advanced skills such as helicopter… SEE MORE

Lyman-Morse Lends a Hand Building Intubation Aerosol Boxes

4/9/2020 - THOMASTON – Lyman-Morse and its specialized business divisions are helping local healthcare workers on the front line against COVID-19 by building personal protective equipment (PPE). Lyman-Morse Technologies is building and donating Intubation Aerosol Boxes, which will protect nurses while intubating Covid-19 patients. Lyman-Morse Fabrication is building a metal structure for a similar purpose. Lyman-Morse… SEE MORE