How To Catch Striped Bass From Shore


One of the best parts about catching striped bass is there is no need to have an expensive boat or spend hundreds of hours fishing to catch big ones. They are prized game fish that are accessible to everyone, known as “everyman’s fish.” With a few basic angling tools, some essential knowledge, and a little luck, you can get started catching “stripers” from shore today. They are fun to catch for the whole family.

Charlesbuffone, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, Great_Striper_Derby_New_England_Equity_Builders_Inc. via Wikimedia Commons
Great_Striper_Derby_New_England_Equity_Builders_Inc. via Wikimedia Commons

Striped Bass Facts

Striped bass are a saltwater species that look similar to freshwater bass, but are not related. They are silvery fish with broad tails and large, round mouths that get big—upwards of 60-pounds. They are strong, thick bodied fish that will fight hard right up until you grab their lower lip. Even smaller striped bass (5 to 10-pounds) are a challenge to reel in.

Where To Catch Striped Bass

Stripers can be found in many different bodies of salt water—from very shallow, calm back waters to raging, pounding ocean beaches, from sandy beaches to boulder-studded shorelines, and so many places in between.

We recommend fishing for them in spots where tidal exchange creates a noticeable current. Stripers are attracted to currents because they have thick, muscular bodies that allow them to overwhelm prey in even the strongest waters.

Examples range from a small culvert (channel) to a large tidal river. If it empties into the ocean, it’s probably attracting stripers. Small breachways, inlets, and harbor openings are best bets for a beginner (and anglers of all levels).

Another common place to find stripers along the coast is at sand beaches (surf fishing). These can be boom-or-bust, but they are beautiful and easy places to fish. Look for deeper water, like troughs and bowls.