Fifth Annual Harbormaster Appreciation Day to Be Celebrated on October 8, 2023

Harbormasters Now Have Increased Responsibilities.

Harbormasters around the country have seen exponential changes in their harbors these past few years. What once might have been a sleepy job in a remote community now requires significantly more attention due to the increased potential for local storm and flood impacts, the expanded interest in boating and fishing that emerged during the pandemic, and more and more people taking advantage of shoreline access.

This will be the 5th year that US Harbors will be working with coastal communities to celebrate their local harbormasters on National Harbormaster Appreciation Day (Oct 8th). The holiday, registered with the National Day Archive, is intended to bring recognition to the vital public servants in coastal communities that often are under appreciated. On this day communities around the country are organizing local events to show appreciation for their harbormasters.

“There is no one profile for a harbormaster other than they need to know boats and the water, be able to respond to situations quickly, be skilled at working with the public and local government, and know how to manage budgets and waterfront projects. Their area of responsibility can range from a huge commercial port to a small coastal village. People don’t realize how complicated their jobs are, and the variety of issues they deal with. Planning for dredging, addressing marine debris, responding to events… these are just a few of the non-obvious tasks that they deal with in addition to their day-to-day activity on the waterfront. As a group they tend to be pretty humble, so we’re glad to be able to help educate the public about the important work they do for all of our coastal communities.” Anastasia Fischer, President, US Harbors.

Harbormaster Appreciation Day is sponsored by US Harbors, a website used by over 11 million people each year for tides, weather, and harbor-local boating and fishing information. US Harbors provides coastal and marine weather conditions and forecasts for over 1,500 harbors from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida, and in the Great Lakes.

Communities can add their local harbormaster to the public database at: For more information on US Harbors, please visit