Chainplates Matter: On this all-composite 60-footer, we engineered composite chainplates.  The  right material. And some finesse

Marine Engineering 103: The Hidden Life of Chainplates

11/29/2018 - In terms of unknown, unloved, and uncared-for naval engineering heroes, it’s tough to beat chainplates. That’s right, chainplates. The deeply-engineered chunks of metal or space-age composites that join hulls to rigging and masts. Chainplates aren’t exactly flashy. They do none of the sexy “sail-ish” stuff of generating lift or foiling… SEE MORE
Model of Ginger's Keel

Marine Engineering 101: Why my keel doesn’t fall off

11/14/2018 - They’re boats. Not much happens without their keels. You’d think that the average boat person would be all over what’s up with the big heavy things down-under their boats. But most don’t and for good reason. The engineering involved intimidates: The Beach Boys would never, ever write a song “Hull… SEE MORE
STELLA BLUE, a new collaboration between Tumblehome Boat Shop and Stephens Waring Yacht Design.

North Country Speedboating: Meet the Tumblehome 24

6/26/2015 - Crystal-clear water. A gorgeous North Country lake. Varnished mahogany. The throaty rumble of a V-8 engine. That's speedboating, and we're thrilled to share some images of the newly complete Stella Blue in her element. In the words of her builder, Reuben Smith of Tumblehome Boat Shop, "She's fast, and oh… SEE MORE
Out in the daylight, and even with minimal finish now, she really does look right. — Reuben Smith

Launch Day for Tumblehome 24 Motorboat

5/26/2015 - At Stephens Waring Yacht Design, we've been eagerly awaiting launch day for our Tumblehome 24 design. Memorial Day weekend was the moment: In an impromptu sea-trial, Tumblehome Boat Shop of Warrensburg, New York, pulled her out of the shop and dropped her in the lake for a quick run to… SEE MORE
The A-30's long overhangs make her a witch in light air.

Refreshing Take on a Classic Daysailing Yacht: The A-30

9/25/2014 - At Stephens Waring Yacht Design we're excited to be partnering with Artisan Boatworks to create the new A-30 daysailer. Artisan president Alec Brainerd has long been in love with the comfort, simplicity, and fine craftsmanship of classic daysailers like the Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 15s, and asked us to meld the… SEE MORE
Classic sheer and details mask a modern underbody.

A Powerful New Classic Yacht Takes Form in Belfast

7/28/2014 - The latest yacht on the drawing board at Stephens Waring Yacht Design in Belfast is a powerful, fast, and instantly classic sailing vessel for an experienced owner. This 78’ world-cruiser embraces the best of classic design and modern-day innovation -- a true American original reminiscent of the work of great… SEE MORE