Extreme Heat impacts Air Travel by Physics.org

Climate Change is Disrupting Air Travel

12/17/2023 - By climatecentral.org. KEY CONCEPTS Burning fossil fuels for aviation contributes to global warming — and the resulting warming is disrupting air travel. Flooding caused by rising seas and storm surges threatens access and operations at coastal airports. More extreme weather events, warmer air temperatures, and shifts in the jet stream… SEE MORE
NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, Ph.D., and Polynesian Voyaging Society CEO Nainoa Thompson signed the MOU in San Diego, California, aboard Hōkūle‘a. (Image credit: Ryan Miyamoto)

NOAA, Polynesian Voyaging Society Agreement Aims to Shed Light on Changing Environment

12/16/2023 - By noaa.gov. Traditional science, indigenous knowledge will help communities make informed decisions about environmental stresses. NOAA and the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) late last month agreeing to collaborate on the cultural Moananuiākea voyage and future PVS voyages. The Moananuiākea voyageoffsite link — a 43,000 nautical mile,… SEE MORE
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Arctic Report Card: Update for 2023

12/15/2023 - By arctic.noaa.gov. More frequent extreme weather and climate events are transforming the Arctic, yet resiliency and opportunity lie within diverse partnerships The Arctic is increasingly warmer, less frozen, and wetter, with regional extremes in weather, climate patterns, and ecosystem responses. Centering locally and internationally-focused partnerships, long-term observations, and equitable climate… SEE MORE
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Can Seawalls Save Us?

12/1/2023 - By newyorker.com. Pacifica, California, just south of San Francisco, is the kind of beachfront community that longtime residents compare to Heaven. One of its streets is called Paradise Drive; local fishermen brag that Pacifica Pier is among the state’s best places to catch salmon, striped bass, and crab. Every few… SEE MORE