A beautiful April afternoon in Owls Head.

Exploring a Hidden Gem: Owls Head

10/4/2012 - Sometimes small towns can go overlooked. And sometimes those same small towns can have an attraction that, were it located in a more well-known destination, would bring far more visitors than it actually does. Owls Head is one such place. The lighthouse and surrounding state park are both perfect places… SEE MORE
Zoom flukes mounted on small jigheads were the key to landing schoolies like this one last week.

Schoolie Fishing Heats Up in the Bay

9/4/2012 - My brother and I got out late last week in the upper Bay, as we took the boat out on its first voyage of 2012. Yes, we found good numbers of schoolies. Together we landed about fifteen fish, all new ones I suspect judging by their small size and bright… SEE MORE
The bucktail jig was the key to landing this schoolie — and 20 of his friends.

Bucktail Jig Scores Big Time

5/4/2012 - I went to the oceanfront yesterday and fished a popular early season location for schoolies. I was greeted by a wicked southwest wind that was blowing in my face along with a charged-up surf. I started off with the ole reliable Cocahoe and teaser rig. Nothing doing, as I could… SEE MORE
Anticipation | New Work 2012 | 17" x 22"

Spring in Maine: Anticipation

4/4/2012 - A week or so ago it got up to 80º here. We were all pretty excited about that, I can tell you. However, Spring in Maine is nothing if not fickle, so that tease of warmth was followed by two minor snowfalls, just to remind us that this is, after… SEE MORE
If you want success surfcasting for stripers this spring, you need the right kit.

Stripers 101: Surf Bag Essentials

2/4/2012 - My surf bag is packed and I am ready to go. I just need the right conditions and I am off to the south shore. I thought you might be interested in exactly what I pack into the April surf bag. The emphasis here is on schoolies and jig fishing.… SEE MORE
The pristine shores of Western Cove in the village of Sunshine. Sheep and Little Sheep islands sit in the distance.

Deer Isle, a Delightful Watery Escape

2/4/2012 - Deer Isle, a geographically fractured island that marks the eastern boundary of Penobscot Bay, splits into numerous pieces of land, each protected by a seemingly endless amount of harbors, coves, inlets, and islands. Surrounded on all four sides by separate bodies of water, the island is truly a paradise for… SEE MORE
The first significant schoolies of the season. Yee-haw!

Welcome: Lots of Schoolies Appear at RI Oceanfront

30/3/2012 - There has been a trickle of fish all week along the oceanfront. But, the Mother Lode arrived today. My son, Ben, gets the first big numbers of the season in the Pickering family, as he fished the oceanfront today and came away with 25 schoolies. He was not alone in… SEE MORE
Jesse Leach heads upriver to his oyster farm.

Oysters, Surprising Protector of the Bagaduce River

29/3/2012 - Native Americans called this place matchebiguatus, which means place where there is no safe harbor. They were referring to the currents and tidal flats and rocks and reversing falls of the Bagaduce River and Northern Bay. Depending on the tide, the river surges one way or the other beneath Route… SEE MORE