morone saxatilis, aka striped bass

Smile! Maine Fishermen Urged to Photograph Their Catch

7/10/2013 - The Coastal Conservation Association-Maine (CCA-Maine) and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) are collaborating on an ongoing data collection program called “Snap-A-Striper,” aimed at compiling photos and valuable information from live release and legally kept striped bass caught in Maine waters. Here’s how Snap-a-Striper works: When an angler catches… SEE MORE
My son Ben with a nice keeper striper that he landed off Block Island.

For Keeper Stripers, Get a Boat and Head Offshore

6/26/2013 - Recently I've mentioned how poor shore fishing is right now, especially in the upper and mid-Bay. The oceanfront, too, is not fishing well from shore for larger fish. I got out late last week and landed several small ones, but we are talking very small fish of about 12 inches.… SEE MORE
310 miles from Maine to Mystic, Connecticut. That's a lot of coastline in a small open boat!

Whaleboat Crew Aims to Row from Maine to Mystic

6/18/2013 - A team of boatbuilders from the Apprenticeshop in Rockland has embarked on an incredible journey indeed, rowing a 30' open whaleboat from Maine to Mystic, Connecticut. The crew of nine — seven apprentices and two instructors — worked all winter to build the historic whaleboat for the Charles W. Morgan. Six… SEE MORE
Large stripers and some alligator blues have been chasing schools of menhaden into Narragansett Bay.

Striper Report: Big Fish Under the Menhaden

6/5/2013 - It's been a good few days for big fish in the Bay. Good numbers of large stripers from 34-40 inches and big alligator blues in the 10-15 lb. range are chasing schools of large menhaden that are popping up here and there in 'Gansett Bay. We've been on it for… SEE MORE
My first keeper of the 2013 Striper season, a nice 15-16-pounder.

Striper Season Begins: First Keeper of 2013

5/1/2013 - I was into a glut of fish along the south shore on April 29. I was catching mostly schoolies in the 10-24-inch size range. Most were falling for Cocahoes and teasers. I decided to try a swimmer, hoping for something bigger. The swimmer I used was a small 4-inch Bomber… SEE MORE
Cruise to Newfoundland and Greenland on the Wanderbird.

Belfast: A Waterfront That Really Works

4/30/2013 - Once dominated by poultry and fish processing, then targeted for condominiums and corporate offices, Belfast’s working waterfront could easily not exist. But there it is! Front Street Shipyard sits on the former site of a Stinson sardine cannery; in 2007, the site was slated for the $20 million Wakeag Landing… SEE MORE