Sunset over the smooth sands of Drift Inn Beach, in Port Clyde.

Chasing Sunsets Near Port Clyde

16/5/2012 - Ever since I was a child, I can remember chasing the summer sunsets on the St. George peninsula. From the shores of Port Clyde Harbor, looking west toward the mouth of the St. George River, one can see the most beautiful colors converge in the sky and paint the ocean… SEE MORE

COA Senior Presents Coastal Culture Exhibit

15/5/2012 - Ask someone from away what they know of Maine, and chances are they’ll say lobster. Ask someone from Maine what they know of lobstering, and it’s likely they’ll just shrug their shoulders. Alice Anderson, College of the Atlantic senior, is hoping to change that with an exhibit, Coastal Culture: Maine's… SEE MORE
A wonderful way to end the week. Hopefully, it's a sign of future weekend fishing success.

So, What Are YOU Doing This Weekend?

12/5/2012 - Ya think there are some big fish around? The sun is shining, and we're looking at a gorgeous spring weekend in New England. How are you planning to make the most of it? Perhaps the mother in your life would enjoy going out and hooking into a monster striper... SEE MORE
Rob Snyder, of the Island Institute, will present a talk on fisheries on May 16 in Bar Harbor.

Becoming Fishermen’ Lecture to be Held in Bar Harbor

10/5/2012 - Rob Snyder, executive vice president of the Island Institute, will present a talk on fisheries for College of the Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum. The talk, "Becoming Fishermen in an Era of Depletion: Stories from the recent privatization of the northeastern United States groundfish fishery," will be on Wednesday, May 16,… SEE MORE
Capt. Rich and Ann Cook run The Local Catch, to sell fresh catch at farmers markets.

Voices from the Waterfront: Meet Ann and Richard Cook

8/5/2012 - Ann and Capt. Richard Cook of Charlestown, Rhode Island, sell locally caught, fresh seafood at Rhode Island and Connecticut farmers markets, restaurants, and through their community supported fishery program. Capt. Cook also fishes for summer flounder, striped bass, sea bass, and lobster from the Sandra Lynn, his 35-foot fiberglass boat.… SEE MORE
The number of stripers being landed is down, but the size of each one is up.

Spring Striper Season Slows in RI

7/5/2012 - We're in a slowdown. I was catching 8-10 stripers an outing several weeks ago and now I'm getting 3 or 4 an outing. I'm fishing mostly in Narrragansett Bay, but my son Ben is fishing the oceanfront and he reports the same thing going on there. My brother is fishing… SEE MORE
My first bluefish of the season, landed May 1 on a Slug Go while fishing for stripers.

Like It or Not, the Blues Are Here

2/5/2012 - Some are going to cheer this news; others are sure to curse. I got my first bluefish of the year last night from shore in the Bay while fishing with a Slug Go for stripers. The blue went about five pounds. This is very early for bluefish, but everything has… SEE MORE
Two Harbor Marine's new work barge put the width abilities of Wayfarer Marine's Ascom Lift to the test..

A Yacht It’s Not: Launching a New Work Boat

2/5/2012 - There's always excitement around a new launch, and that's just as much the case with workboats as it is with yachts. Wayfarer Marine had a particularly unique launching on May 1, a self-propelled work barge built by Rockport Steel for Brad and Adam Scott of Two Harbor Marine. The Scott… SEE MORE