Camden, Maine, where the mountains really do meet the sea.

Camden: A Full Appreciation

1/5/2012 - Camden is one of the most beautiful places on this earth, let alone on the Maine coast. I count it as a daily blessing that I can walk to the shores of Penobscot Bay, or hike the twisting trails of Camden Hills State Park. The light that hangs over the… SEE MORE
To find early season stripers, think shallow and moving waters.

How to Find, and Catch, Early Season Stripers

30/4/2012 - I got out fishing Saturday evening. My main focus was to fish shallow, moving water. I got in this one Bay location where I had a small outflow spilling water into the Bay. The place looked like a nothing spot but with water movement, it had really produced for me… SEE MORE
The Beginning | New Work 2004-2005 | open edition (17" x 22")

First Boat Out

25/4/2012 - I love the fact that from where I sit right now, warm, snug and dry on a dreary, wet, Maine April Sunday, I can lean forward and see the mouth of our harbor which is crowned by The Perfect Small Island, which has The Perfect Lighthouse on its southern point.… SEE MORE
A nice, fat 28-inch striper that took a Zoom fluke on a small jighead.

Striper Bliss: Two Casts, Two Keepers

25/4/2012 - You know the numbers of keepers are on the increase when you can hook two of them on back-to-back casts. It happened to me Tuesday night while fishing the Bay from shore with a Zoom fluke on a small jighead with light tackle. The two fish looked like clones. Both… SEE MORE
Fishing with my brother, Steve, I have hit the jackpot fishing in the bay in the past week.

Skinny Plastic Proves a Hit for Bay Fishing

21/4/2012 - Skinny plastic is now my go-to lure for large stripers in the Bay as well as along the ocean. I'm talking using either a Hogy or a Slug Go. Thursday evening I was fishing the Bay with a 6-inch Slug Go fished off a wooden float and took several hefty… SEE MORE
Partners | Sightings | limited edition (17" x 22")

Listening to the Heartbeat of the Coast: Partners

19/4/2012 - Not much, really, to this. Couple of gloves on a wharf, that’s all. Yet it’s more. I see it as a representation, or portrait, of partners, of people working together. In this case, the guys who work together running a fishing wharf, but, in my mind it just as easily… SEE MORE
The striper report in Rhode Island is simple right now: They are all over the place!

RI Coast Sees Hottest Spring Fishing in Years

16/4/2012 - Just about everyone expected a shortage of schoolies this spring. Looks like that prediction is off, since we are in one of the best spring schoolie runs in years here in Rhode Island. On Saturday I was fishing the upper Bay where I landed ten schoolies. I met up with… SEE MORE