Lobster Community Address Increase to Lobster Size Limits

3/26/2024 - By Carli Stewart. The Lobster Institute's U.S.- Canada Lobster Town Meeting took place in mid-January to open dialogue within the lobster industry in the Northeast of the United States and Canada. The event included various industry members, including commercial fishermen, scientists, policymakers, managers, and association representatives. Together, these individuals came… SEE MORE
Boiled Maine Lobster

Lobster Recipes to Try at Home

9/7/2021 - Lobster wasn't always considered luxury food. Only in the early 20th century did it acquire its specialty-seafood status. Store lobsters, with their claws banded, resting on moist seaweed or damp newspaper in an open bag in the refrigerator until cooking time. Preparing lobster requires only basic technique -- boiling or… SEE MORE