The Glass Museum is located on the Tacoma waterfront.

A Walk Along the Foss Waterway in Tacoma

3/26/2013 - The Thea Foss Waterway in Tacoma won an Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 2005 from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The project included cleaning up pollution associated with Superfund sites, improving habitat, revitalizing brownfields, planning mixed-use development, enhancing public access and public space, all with the intent of… SEE MORE
VASG research team talks to The Ebbitt Grill (D.C.) General Manager about what he looks for in oysters. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Sea Grant Gains Perspective to Breed a Better Oyster

3/22/2013 - Three oyster researchers took a road trip into the minds of seafood buyers, visiting high-end restaurants to find out what makes a half-shell oyster worth purchasing. The Virginia Sea Grant-funded research team wants to breed a better, more profitable oyster for Virginia’s aquaculture industry. So far, they have concentrated on… SEE MORE
Isle Au Haut ahead!

Isle Au Haut, a Unique Island

2/18/2013 - “Isle Au Haut ahead!” Not an unusual phrase on our boat. Pronounced, “i-la-HO”, the island's name was coined by French navigator Samuel Champlain in 1604. The English translation is, “High Island”. And that’s accurate. From most anywhere on wide outer Penobscot Bay, Isle Au Haut’s impressive hills dwarf all other… SEE MORE
The view from the main entrance of the restaurant

A Hidden Destination for Annapolis Foodies

12/30/2012 - Boaters wishing to avoid the energized post-racing sailors at other nearby Annapolis restaurants would be well advised to tie up at the Annapolis City Marina and walk up the dock to the award winning cuisine of the Carrol's Creek Waterfront Restaurant. Carrol's Creek Restaurant, which opened in 1983 and adopted… SEE MORE

Celebrating the Good Side of Fat

12/15/2012 - Food writer and historian Sandy Oliver gave a great talk December 15 at the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport on her new cookbook Maine Home Cooking. She spoke about the importance of fat in the diet of earlier years when people needed it for energy and body heat. Let's all… SEE MORE