Signs of Spring: Alewifes Return to Maine Rivers

5/17/2012 - There are fish in these rivers. In the Kennebec, the Penobscot, the rivers in between and either side, the alewives are running. I wrote a story about alewives for the May issue of Fishermen’s Voice, well before alewife season began. Now I want to see the fish. Yesterday I stopped… SEE MORE
Sail directly to the Chart House Restaurant and tie up for the meal.

A Delicious Tenure on Annapolis Harbor

5/13/2012 - Anyone who has been familiar with Annapolis for long knows of the Chart House Restaurant, which opened in its current location back in 1979 and quickly earned a reputation for some of the best views of Annapolis Harbor and superb seafood cuisine. We've enjoyed wonderful evenings here a number of… SEE MORE
Capt. Rich and Ann Cook run The Local Catch, to sell fresh catch at farmers markets.

Voices from the Waterfront: Meet Ann and Richard Cook

5/8/2012 - Ann and Capt. Richard Cook of Charlestown, Rhode Island, sell locally caught, fresh seafood at Rhode Island and Connecticut farmers markets, restaurants, and through their community supported fishery program. Capt. Cook also fishes for summer flounder, striped bass, sea bass, and lobster from the Sandra Lynn, his 35-foot fiberglass boat.… SEE MORE
Caught this morning soft-shell blue crabs

The Chesapeake Soft-Shell Crabs Are Here!

5/7/2012 - The early harbingers of Spring -- the ospreys and rockfish -- have arrived, but the season hasn't officially begun until the feisty rockstars of the Bay strut (or is that scuttle?) into town! For those fortunate enough to find themselves near the mouth of the Potomac River, a real treat… SEE MORE
Jamie Johnson, manager at Jess's Market in Rockland, filets some fresh fish

Fish Market Focus: Jess’s Market, Rockland

4/24/2012 - On a recent cloudy April afternoon, Jamie Johnson was up to his elbows in sole, black bass, and halibut. Johnson is a manager at Jess’s Market in Rockland, a busy seafood supplier to the Midcoast region. Johnson married into this family fish market business, but his knife skills and product… SEE MORE
A beautiful April afternoon in Owls Head.

Exploring a Hidden Gem: Owls Head

4/10/2012 - Sometimes small towns can go overlooked. And sometimes those same small towns can have an attraction that, were it located in a more well-known destination, would bring far more visitors than it actually does. Owls Head is one such place. The lighthouse and surrounding state park are both perfect places… SEE MORE
Jesse Leach heads upriver to his oyster farm.

Oysters, Surprising Protector of the Bagaduce River

3/29/2012 - Native Americans called this place matchebiguatus, which means place where there is no safe harbor. They were referring to the currents and tidal flats and rocks and reversing falls of the Bagaduce River and Northern Bay. Depending on the tide, the river surges one way or the other beneath Route… SEE MORE
A close-up view of the elvers. Photo by Hannah Webber.

Maine’s “Glass Eel” Fishery Opens

3/22/2012 - Beginning today, March 22, the shores of Maine's tidal streams will become ragged with fyke nets, mesh mouths open wide to the sea, hoping to funnel migrating elvers into their holds. An elver is a baby American eel, Latin name Anguilla rostrata. They hatch somewhere in the Sargasso Sea near… SEE MORE