The new Maine Seafood Guide provides information on Maine seafood species, a guide to fishing methods and gear, and more.

New Maine Seafood Guide Debuts

3/21/2012 - I am delighted to announce the launch of the new Maine Seafood Guide, which provides information on Maine seafood species, a guide to fishing methods and gear, and more. This is the only Maine-specific reference for Maine seafood. I identified the need for such a resource while working on an… SEE MORE
The youngest eyes and ears onboard make the best lookouts in the fog.

Sailing to Frenchboro in the Fog

3/19/2012 - Sailing to Frenchboro in the fog seems natural to us. The fog is familiar on our way to the little working harbor, we’ve seen it before. Under our quiet sails, with Frenchboro to windward, we’re safe moving slowly, hearing distant working engines and keeping clear of passing islands. After many… SEE MORE
Karen Constant, half of the Maine-ly Smoked Salmon Company.

Heading Down the Road to Delicious Coastal Adventures

2/21/2012 - Fresh Crabmeat. Live Lobster. Cherrystones, Mussels, Clams. The handmade signs that decorate the roadsides of downeast Maine are clues to the region’s seafood industry, an independent and enterpreneurial collage of individuals and families who dig for clams and worms, collect periwinkles, dredge for scallops, rake seaweed, trap lobsters and crabs,… SEE MORE

Scalloping for a Living; a Dangerous Pursuit

2/14/2012 - Scallop diving is dangerous business, make no mistake about it. Divers plunge into the icy waters of down east Maine, sometimes sixty to seventy feet down, all while the water temperature sits in the mid 30’s and the winter winds howl above the oceans choppy surface. It’s dangerous alright, but… SEE MORE
A plate of oysters at the Baird Symposium on Sustainable Seafood.

Oyster Farm, Oyster Bar: A Delectable RI Destination

2/3/2012 - At Matunuck Oyster Farm & Bar near Point Judith Harbor, veteran oysterman Perry Raso grows Eastern oysters in a saltwater lagoon behind the barrier of East Matunuck State Beach and the waves of Block Island Sound. A relentless educator who likes to share his story, Raso is also a determined,… SEE MORE
Oysters at the annual Pemaquid Oyster Festival, held on the last sunday in September.

Maine Oyster Country: Newcastle and Damariscotta

1/30/2012 - Oyster cultivation on the coast of Maine is on the increase, thanks to our clean, cold, salty, water. This water is full of nutrients, and it's part of what gives our oysters their delightfully distinctive taste. Maine oysters have their moment in the sun, literally, on the last Sunday in… SEE MORE
The "Nantucket Sleighride" across Nantucket Sound is always a wild ride.

A Summer Sleighride to Nantucket Island

11/17/2011 - Nantucket Sound lay between us and Nantucket Island. Not a boring stretch of water in our experience. Cape Cod sailors know their stuff. They deal with tricky, swift currents and incessant winds, five knots more powerful than their actual speed (I swear). Sailing to an island like Nantucket is exciting,… SEE MORE