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Molasses Key is a collection of four islands in the Florida Keys, just south of the Seven Mile Bridge and Seven Mile Bridge Channel. Only three are consistently above water and two can be walked on. The islands are a popular destination for boating and camping, however they are privately owned and permission is needed to walk on or visit, including the sand bar. Additionally the Molasses Reef Marine Sanctuary area is located just off the coast.

A website has been created to reserve visitor time on the small island and sand bar: The reservation system is designed to know who the visitors are and to help control over-crowding. Rules also need to be followed as these islands are considered sensitive by the state and county to protect the flora and fauna. Riparian/Littoral rights are being investigated by the owners to enhance further protection of the Molasses Keys.

There is a channel between the two middle islands as well as between two of the other islands. Both channels serve as access points to the key.


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