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Oxford, ME is one of the oldest ports in the United States, having been established officially as a seaport in 1683, although records show it being originally laid out as a town between 1666 and 1668. Oxford and Anne Arundel–current day Annapolis–were the only allowed ports of entry for all of Maryland in 1694. It was also a major center for international shipping until the American Revolution.

Today it is a small town with only just over 550 homes, but a big destination for recreational boaters in the Chesapeake. There are over 5 marinas that offer transient moorings in the area, and the Town of Oxford manages a public landing and its own transient dock. To book slips or enquire about facilities at the local marinas please contact them directly.

To reach the town about the moorings, anchorages, and transient facilities they operate contact:

Town of Oxford
PO Box 339
101 Market Street
Oxford MD 21654-0339

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (410) 226-5122
Fax: (410) 226-5597




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