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This picturesque harbor, at the junction of the Barrington and Warren Rivers on the upper Bay, is often overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbor, Newport, but it’s a worthy destination for the intrepid boater. The town of Barrington, in particular, is a visual gem of sprawling estates and charming cottages, while Water Street in Warren offers a great place for antique shopping enthusiasts.

The mouth of the Warren River also offers a good place for basin and blue fishing.

Several good restaurants can be enjoyed on the Warren side of the harbor, including the Wharf Tavern, Sunnyside/Tav Vino (Sunnyside for breakfast and lunch, and the same location is Tav Vino for dinner). Tyler Point Grill is a few hundred yards from both Stanley’s and Striper marina.

The Barrington center is just a short walk down the bike path from the harbor and offers a variety of stores including banks, groceries, hardware, clothing shops, sandwich shops, ice cream shops, pizza parlors and more. Also in the harbor is the 100-year-old Barrington Yacht Club.

Blount seafood, which processes clams (quahogs) worldwide, including for Snow’s clam chowder, is on the Warren side. In the summer, they have an outdoor area where you can pull up by boat and get clam cakes, clam rolls, ice cream, and other treats, from their “Clam Shack.‚Äù

Blount-Barker shipyard is right next-door, and across the street is their retail store where you can buy a variety of seafood, including homemade clam chowder.

Tides & Currents in Barrington & Warren, RI

The mean range of tide at Warren is 4.6 feet. The tidal current off the town of Warren has a velocity of about 1 knot. Strong currents may be encountered in Barrington River.


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