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Bristol Harbor is a delight for boaters of all stripes, whether they’re paddling a kayak or a steering a cruising yacht. Lots of boating history was made here, most notably by the Herreshoff family of yacht designers, and as a result, the place retains a dignity and grace that you’ll immediately sense and appreciate. That, along with the calm water (it’s well-protected from swells), and its adjacency to several islands that are wildlife sanctuaries.

“Those fortunate to sail in Bristol Harbor are always rewarded by special pleasure here and the adjacent Narragansett Bay,‚Äù says Halsey C. Herreshoff, naval architect and a sailor who has served as navigator during several defenses of the America’s Cup.

“About every summer day, the morning calm suitable for boat work is replaced by an afternoon ‘sea breeze’ of about 15 knots. This is perfect for sailing especially in our protected water with sufficient wind, without serious waves and with only enough current for racing interest. Racecourses are varied and interesting out to Hog Island, Prudence Island etc. So, together with its most attractive surroundings, Bristol is a sailor’s paradise!‚Äù


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