Traveling For Fishing: Best Spots in the Great Lakes

By Kenneth Reaves of

The Great Lakes cover a vast area, and as you can imagine, there are endless opportunities to fish in them. They also sport a wide variety of different fish, so the spot you choose to fish could be dictated by what you want to catch. 

If you’re in Michigan or Illinois, here are some of the best fishing holes on the Great Lakes nearby. 

#1: Manistee, Lake Michigan 

Manistee provides anglers a variety of fishing spots from boat, pier, shore fishing to fly fishing on the Manistee River. From the shores and the piers, anglers will have the opportunity to catch Bluegill, Chinook Salmon, Northern Pike, Larger and Smallmouth Bass.

If you go fly fishing on the Manistee River, you can catch Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass. If you’re looking to catch King Salmon, then the best time of year to plan a fishing trip would be in August. Use egg flies, spinners, beads or crank baits if you’re looking to catch Salmon, Steelhead or Brown Trout. 

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#2: Rogers City, Lake Huron 

Fishing from the shores of Rogers City, anglers are treated to a wide variety of fish like Walleye, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Chinook Salmon and trout. If you’re planning a weekend fishing trip to Rogers City, it would be best to either charter a boat or bring your own boat

You can head out towards Adams Point or Swan Bay, where you’d be able to target either Walleye or Steelhead. If you head down to Rogers City between May and June, you’ll be able to catch Salmon, Brown and Lake Trout, and if you want to catch King Salmon it would be best to plan your fishing trip for late June to early July. 

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#3: Chicago,Illinois Lake Michigan 

You don’t have to travel far to go fishing in Chicago, as it has many harbors that run along the 22 mile shoreline of Lake Michigan. Anglers living in Chicago get to fish year round and have an opportunity for ice fishing when the lake freezes over. 

Fish the piers from Jackson Harbor Pier to North Point Marina, where anglers can catch Salmon, Trout, Smelt, Panfish and Perch. March to April would be the best months to catch Smelt and Salmon. Anglers can catch Smallmouth Bass, Carp and Panfish, to mention just a few, from May to August.

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