Answering the Question: Where Should I Fish?

Deciding where to fish for the day can be one of the major challenges for anglers. You want to be sure that you’ve exercised all location options while staying fuel conscious. How do you scan the water for the bite without wasting fuel? You can ask your local sources for the report, but how can you be sure of the water conditions? More importantly, how do you gather this information as you are planning your trip before you arrive at the dock?

Imagine this: an app you can access from any smartphone or tablet that gives you the ability to check on the fishing conditions from home with the tap of your finger. Locate where the two strong fronts of sea temperatures and plankton overlap to find the most likely areas for attracting game fish. Locate your fishing spot for the day before you’ve even packed up the car. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore with SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping App. The familiar fishing favorites from SiriusXM Marine can now be accessed from your mobile device to give you the ability to plan your trip with the most up-to-date data possible. App access comes at no extra cost for Fish Mapping subscribers, and you can access app exclusive features such as ocean currents and historical data.

Now, you can enjoy SiriusXM Marine both on your MFD with fishing and weather features AND access the fishing features before you arrive at the boat on the Fish Mapping App; it’s all part of one subscription. Learn more by visiting