The wild coastal landscape that blankets so much of Washington county is evident in Steuben's winding and rocky shores.

Thawing Out from a Maine Winter in Steuben

3/22/2012 - Spring is officially here, thank god. Even though this winter was rather mild, it still feels incredible when that first prolonged blast of warm air settles over Maine's small coastal towns and villages. If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, you know what this feeling is like.… SEE MORE
A close-up view of the elvers. Photo by Hannah Webber.

Maine’s “Glass Eel” Fishery Opens

3/22/2012 - Beginning today, March 22, the shores of Maine's tidal streams will become ragged with fyke nets, mesh mouths open wide to the sea, hoping to funnel migrating elvers into their holds. An elver is a baby American eel, Latin name Anguilla rostrata. They hatch somewhere in the Sargasso Sea near… SEE MORE
The USHarbors crew takes advantage of an unseasonably warm afternoon to launch "Bob", our appropriately named peapod.

Launching the 2012 Boating Season in Style

3/21/2012 - Boating season in some areas of the country has been underway for weeks or even months (indeed, for some fortunate souls it never ends), but in harbors north of the Mason-Dixon Line we usually have to wait until April at least before we wet the oars. But with the thermometer… SEE MORE
A 26-foot Monomoy Surfboat undergoing restoration for the Nantucket Shipwreck and Life-Saving Museum.

Discovering Restorations in Our Own Backyard

3/20/2012 - All documentary films are journeys of discovery. Our film, "Wood/Sails/Dreams," has taken us off our island of Nantucket, across to Vineyard Haven, along the coast from Newport to Bristol to Wareham, and eventually up to Maine. Recently, though, we took our cameras to a little workshop on Nantucket. We met… SEE MORE
The youngest eyes and ears onboard make the best lookouts in the fog.

Sailing to Frenchboro in the Fog

3/19/2012 - Sailing to Frenchboro in the fog seems natural to us. The fog is familiar on our way to the little working harbor, we’ve seen it before. Under our quiet sails, with Frenchboro to windward, we’re safe moving slowly, hearing distant working engines and keeping clear of passing islands. After many… SEE MORE
Three new culverts were installed under the footpath tidal restriction at Jacob's Point..

U.S. Senator to Tour RI Salt Marsh Project

3/15/2012 - This week, the U.S. Senate passed legislation authored by U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to establish a National Endowment for the Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes. On Friday, March 16, Whitehouse will tour a marsh restoration site in Warren at Jacob's Point to update Rhode Island environmental leaders about the bill’s… SEE MORE
Corea's inner harbor, where lobstering dominates waterfront activity.

Scenes Under a Blue Sky in Cozy Corea

3/11/2012 - I enjoy shooting in the small village of Corea, on the eastern edge of the Schoodic Peninsula just beyond Prospect Harbor. The inner harbor is shaped like a barely broken circle, a place where a hardy fleet of lobster boats enjoy spectacular protection from the gulf of Maine. I can… SEE MORE