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Located just south of the mouth of greater Boston Harbor, Scituate is considered part of the South Shore community. The town was settled in 1627, and historically the main industry was fishing. Today the town is mostly residential.

The coast of Scituate is marked by four distinct bluffs, running from First Cliff on the northern end of the town’s coast down to Fourth Cliff in the southern end. A thin strip of beach which connected Third Cliff to Fourth Cliff was breached by the storm surge of the Portland Gale of 1898, separating Humarock from the rest of Scituate. As a result, Fourth Cliff and the rest of the Humarock part of Scituate are only accessible via Marshfield.

The 1810 lighthouse on the northern edge of Scituate Harbor, known as Old Scituate Light, is the site of the famed “American Army of Two” or “Lighthouse Army of Two”. During the War of 1812, Rebecca and Abigail Bates, 17 and 21 year old daughters of the lighthouse keeper, spotted a British warship preparing to send a raiding party into the town. Knowing there was no time to warn the townspeople, the Bates sisters loudly played a fife and drum until the British troops, thinking the town militia was on its way, retreated.

Another notable lighthouse, Minot’s Ledge Light, stands approximately one mile off Scituate Neck.

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