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Buffalo is on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, at the head of the Niagara River, 16 miles south of Niagara Falls. The City is a major gateway for commerce and travel across the Canada–United States border, forming part of the bi-national Buffalo Niagara Region. Buffalo has four channels that flow through its boundaries: the Niagara River, Buffalo River and Creek, Scajaquada Creek, and the Black Rock Canal, which is adjacent to the Niagara River. Situated at the confluence of Lake Erie and the Buffalo and Niagara rivers, Buffalo is a waterfront city. Its rise to economic power came through its waterways in the form of transshipment, manufacturing, and an endless source of energy. Buffalo’s waterfront remains, though to a lesser degree, a hub of commerce, trade and industry. Beginning in 2009, a significant portion of Buffalo’s waterfront began to be transformed into a focal point for social and recreational activity. To this end, Buffalo Harbor State Park, nicknamed “Outer Harbor”, was opened in 2014.

Things to do in Buffalo

Buffalo Waterfront
From the Canalside down stream from Niagara Falls to the Outer Harbor on the lake, the waterfront has been revived and rejuvenated to be a bustling location for events and activities. Even through the winter there is something for everyone. Find out more here.

Tifft Nature Preserve
To the south of Buffalo’s waterfront, Tifft Nature Preserve sits on the Outer Harbor. Having been a dairy farm, storage for coal and iron, and a city cump, Tifft Nature Preserve is a triumph of conservation advocacy. Educational programs and events are hosted in the Herb and Jane Darling Education Center on the preserve. Find out more here.

Peace Bridge
Whether you want to take a trip into neighboring Canada, take advantage of duty free shopping, or just get a different perspective on the area, the Peace Bridge crosses Niagara River (and the Canadian Border) north of Buffalo. Walking across the bridge is free. Find out more here.

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