Photo by Lt. Tom Crane of the Rockland-based Coast Guard cutter Thunder Bay

NOAA Buoy Helps Save Lives

2/10/2019 - Last month, four people with their lives hanging in the balance were hoisted to safety after finding refuge on a nearby NOAA weather buoy when their vessel took on too much water. The survivors used their vessel’s Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)—one of three types of emergency beacons used to transmit… SEE MORE
Celebrate National Seafood Month

Serving Up Seafood: National Seafood Month

2/10/2019 - Join NOAA for National Seafood Month 2019 and learn how they work to support healthy, sustainable seafood all year round. October is National Seafood Month, and a fitting time to celebrate that the United States is recognized as a global leader in sustainable seafood—both wild-caught and farmed. U.S. fishermen and fish farmers… SEE MORE
6 in 10 city dwellers said they rarely or never plant trees.

Energy-saving Habits Vary in Popularity

27/9/2019 - By John Flesher and Emily Swanson. Turn off the lights when they aren’t needed? Check. Lower the thermostat a few degrees in winter? Maybe. Go full-time vegetarian? Probably not. Americans are willing to go only so far in engaging in habits that conserve energy and reduce emissions that are warming… SEE MORE