A Marshall Catboat that bore the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. It will, hopefully, be repaired and sail the bay once again.

The Jersey Shore Will Rise Again

11/18/2012 - In our household my husband perceives a list of priorities: our cats, my trusty old Land Rover, and then him. I, on the other hand, am sure his priorities are our sailboat, our power boat, and then me. In times of a natural disaster, little things like the above bring… SEE MORE
Autmn colors begin to show along the Fox Island Thorofare.

Chasing Autumn Leaves on North Haven Island

10/9/2012 - North Haven is an island of incredible beauty, a place where time slows and the hustle and bustle of the world seems oh-so far away. While beautiful to visit in the height of summer, when graceful sloops slide down the Fox Island Thorofare and elegant yachts anchor in Pulpit Harbor,… SEE MORE