Whales by Fisheries.NOAA

Inbreeding Contributes to Decline of Endangered Killer Whales

4/10/2023 - By fisheries.noaa.gov. New genome sequencing shows Southern Residents are highly inbred. The small size and isolation of the endangered population of Southern Resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest have led to high levels of inbreeding. This inbreeding has contributed to their decline, which has continued as surrounding killer whale populations… SEE MORE
Seals SeaLions Infographic by NOAA

Is It a Seal or a Sea Lion?

4/6/2023 - By fisheries.noaa.gov. Seals and sea lions are both pinnipeds, but there are distinct characteristics to tell them apart. Seals and sea lions, along with walruses, belong to a group of marine mammals called “pinnipeds.” Pinniped means fin or flipper-footed in Latin. These animals spend the majority of their time in… SEE MORE