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City Island is a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York City. It is located on a narrow island of the same name, over 1 mile in length. City Island is at the westernmost end of Long Island Sound, south of Pelham Bay and east of Eastchester Bay. It is thickly settled and has a commercialized appearance. The west side is residential and the east side is industrialized with several shipyards and other marine-related facilities. The island is most famous for its numerous seafood restaurants and antique stores, which line both sides of the avenue.

City Island is part of the Pelham Islands, a group of islands that once belonged to Thomas Pell. The body of water between City Island and the even smaller, uninhabited Hart Island to the east is known as City Island Harbor. The small island adjacent to the northeast is High Island. The Stepping Stones Light, marking the main shipping channel into New York, is off the southern tip of City Island, near the Long Island shore.

Bright green parrots, originally imported from South America as pets, have adapted to the climate and breed in the wild in New York. They are a common sight on City Island and in nearby Pelham Bay Park.

The island is home to the Columbia University Sailing Team, whose fleet of dinghies is docked at City Island Yacht Club. The team comes from Manhattan four times a week to practice off the western shore of City Island

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