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Named for John Alsop King, an early resident, Kings Point is a village and a part of Great Neck in Nassau County, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. As of the United States 2010 Census, the village population was 5,005.

The Village of Kings Point is located in the Town of North Hempstead, on the Great Neck Peninsula, and is often grouped together with the other hamlets and villages referred to collectively as “Great Neck”. This occurs likely because the village is served by Great Neck School District, with resident high school students attending Great Neck North High School, and it receives postal service from the US Post Office in Great Neck and uses that city’s Zip Code (11024).

Kings Point is the home of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and its maritime museum, the American Merchant Marine Museum. The steeple of the Academy’s Chapel houses a flashing beacon, visible for miles, known as the Kings Point Light.

In the 1920s, F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in Great Neck, at 6 Gateway Drive in Great Neck Estates, which is probably Great Neck’s greatest claim to fame. It was a modest house, not dissimilar to that of Nick, the protagonist of his novel, The Great Gatsby. It is said that Fitzgerald modeled West Egg, the fictional town in which Nick lived, next to the mansion of Jay Gatsby, after Great Neck (specifically Kings Point), for its epitome of nouveau riche gaudiness, atmosphere, and lifestyle. He modeled East Egg, the town where Daisy and Tom lived, after Great Neck’s eastern neighbor Sands Point, which is part of Port Washington.

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