The North Haven dinghy class has been racing on the Fox Island Thoroughfare since 1912.

The Fox Island Thoroughfare, a treasure to protect.

7/27/2017 - I’d like to nominate the Fox Island Thoroughfare, to be designated an Historic Sailing Preserve. This natural winding waterway that runs through the vast Fox Island center of Penobscot Bay, has historic sailing significance. An eons old convenient East - West passage of commerce and fishing that was powered by… SEE MORE
Coaxing the limp sheets like the reins of an obedient carriage horse, we’re on our way.

Sailing Out

7/11/2017 - Sailing Out. The typical summer winds on the coast of Maine are perfect for sailing out. At dawn - often, there is no wind. Our first zephyr stirs around 8:30 am., and exits soon after. We raise sails, raise anchor, and barely drift. There’s no hurry (and no worry). Soon,… SEE MORE
ECHO, a 1960 Alden Challenger. Alden's first fiberglass sailboat.

The coast of New England is a floating museum.

4/13/2017 - Ancient working schooners, active fleets of classic racers - some a century old, coastal New England is a museum under sail. Joining this floating archive; ‘Classic Plastic’, the first molded fiberglass boats. A few of these pioneers that ushered in the new material - fiberglass, have put in 60 years… SEE MORE
Rowing into an unforgettable sunset, on the Eggemoggin Reach.

Rowing a small Boat.

3/12/2017 - Dozing below deck at dawn, I enjoyed the peaceful sound of a passing rower on the calm water, outside our hull. “Dip-squeak, swoosh,…. dip-squeak, swoosh,…. dip-squeak, swoosh….” With long pauses between the melodic sets, the pace was leisurely. For the person in the small boat, I could tell the rowing… SEE MORE
Anchored overnight in Eden, on Isle Au Haut.

Finding Eden on Isle Au Haut

2/10/2017 - The popular anchorages on the coast of Maine are well known and marked in sailor’s guidebooks and websites today. While hiking the high island of Isle Au Haut, atop a granite crest on the Western Head, we spied a lovely unnamed cove below. Returning to our boat in nearby Duck… SEE MORE
An old cabin house on saw horses is an archive of lines and measurements to be faithfully reproduced (and invisibly improved).

Every old boat tells a story: Here’s a short one.

1/19/2017 - Rockport Harbor never sleeps. There’s always something going on. That’s due in large part to Rockport Marine, a world class wooden boat builder that has been building boats on Rockport Harbor, since 1962. Not long ago in late winter, I stumbled on this old cabin house out behind their building… SEE MORE
After a full day exploring the big harbor and islands, a floating table for two on Cranberry Harbor at dusk, is the highlight.

Cranberry Island Grilled Lobster for Two.

12/30/2016 - Rimmed by the 26 majestic peaks of Mount Desert Island, wide open Cranberry Harbor is expansive. Anchored to the South of busy Hadlock Cove on Little Cranberry Island, there is no more spectacular dining spot on the coast of Maine. Grilled Cranberry Island Lobster, for two: 2 - 1 1/4… SEE MORE
If not for the soft hoarse clucks of a few nearby Eider ducks, there would be complete silence on Buckle Harbor.

5:45 AM: Escape to Buckle Island.

12/5/2016 - If not for the soft hoarse clucks of a few nearby Eider ducks, there would be complete silence on Buckle Harbor. The elements of Buckle Island are shells, tree bark and wood, conifer needles and cones, moss, etc. Trail description: Mossy gates, crusty lichen, delightful dead ends. A faint human… SEE MORE
6:03 AM in Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island.

6:03 AM in Seal Bay.

9/20/2016 - 6:03 AM in Seal Bay. There is always something to see in Seal Bay on the east side of Vinalhaven Island in Penobscot Bay. Sunrises, Eagles and Ospreys and of course seals. Being as beautiful and protected as an anchorage can be, you’re likely to see a few boats as… SEE MORE