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Ellsworth is the commercial, service, and shopping center for Mount Desert Island and Hancock and Washington Counties – witness the mile of outlets (including L.L. Bean) and malls along Routes 1 and 3 (.08 miles east of the Ellsworth docks). There is also a lively, historic, and quaint downtown along Main Street between Route 1A and the Union River (walking distance – 0.6 miles north of the docks) where many restaurants, coffee shops and unique retail shops reside in 1930s-era buildings that literally rose from the ashes after a fire wiped out the town in 1933. Notable is the recently restored Art Deco Grand Auditorium where something’s happening most days of the year – concerts, film, theatre, dance, events, Live from the Met Simulcasts, and children’s summer theatre. There is an abundance of small unique retail shops and several antique shops, all within a reasonable walking distance. Just across the river, stunning “Woodlawn‚Äù, Col. John Black’s House is now a museum that depicts life during the booming timber days, furnished exactly as it was when the family lived there – with formal gardens and rolling lawns.


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