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If the western side of Mount Desert Island – the “Quiet Side” of MDI, in local parlance – is its own country, then Southwest Harbor is its capital. This broad harbor is one of the largest on the entire island and offers as much working waterfront as you’ll find anywhere in Acadia. From the legendary boatbuilders at the Hinckley Company to the lobster shacks at Beal’s Lobster Pier, Southwest Harbor presents the full range of life on the Maine coast.

Southwest’s vibrant downtown brings dining and shopping options to another level, with eateries such as Red Sky and XYZ Restaurant offering culinary delights as fine as you’ll find anywhere. You will also find a variety of other shops and chandleries to handle your other needs, whether it’s at the well-stocked Hamilton Marine outlet or at Carroll Drug Store. Finally, Southwest Harbor is situated right on the Island Explorer shuttle bus route, so hopping a ride into Acadia National Park or all the way to Bar Harbor is a breeze.


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