Bellingham, WA

Beautiful Bellingham: Where To Eat, Sleep & Explore

11/14/2018 - Bellingham, Washington is located right by the Canadian border. It’s known for its stunning landscape, which ranges from farmland to mountains. Its most famous mountain is Mount Baker, which is part of the Cascade Range. It rises over10,000 feet high. With endless outdoor activates to do I had to choose… SEE MORE
Fog and light can turn any ship into a ghost story - photo by Tanya Hart

The Science of Ghost Ships

10/30/2018 - The oceans are a vast wilderness, full of more unknowns than knowns, where the veil between life and death is at its thinnest. There is no shortage of mystery, no lack of terror. It is no surprise that there are tales of the weird, the unexplained and the down-right terrifying… SEE MORE
HMS Endeavour off the coast of New Holland by Samuel Atkins 1794

Could HMS Endeavour be lying at the bottom of Newport Harbor?

9/20/2018 - At 5-6 p.m. on Friday, September 21, at the Gurneys Resort on Goat Island, Newport, Rhode Island, archaeologists from the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) and its partner, the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM), will announce their 2018 research results for the study of the Newport Harbor transport fleet.… SEE MORE
Panhard I, a sleek, fast Elco made in Bayonne, NJ for racing enthusiasts

Mystic Seaport’s Warehouse

9/10/2018 - Founded in 1929, Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT is the nation’s leading maritime museum. There are sixty buildings and a vast number of in water displays. When the New Jersey Maritime Museum’s A Cat Ghost was featured at Mystic’s Wooden Boat Show in June 2018, along with two other Barnegat… SEE MORE
A. J. Meerwald in New Haven, NJ

The A.J. Meerwald Came To Beach Haven

9/10/2018 - For the first time since Hurricane Sandy filled up Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey’s tall oyster schooner from Bivalve, NJ, maneuvered the newly dredged inlet from the Atlantic Ocean into the ICW leading to Beach Haven. Credit goes to our favorite Tow Boat US driver, Rick Ellenburg, our guiding light… SEE MORE
Annapolis Sailboat Show

Top 5 Boat Shows for Fall 2018

9/2/2018 - With Labor Day Weekend behind us, summer is all but over. For boaters, that doesn't mean the end of the fun. Boat shows and other events around the country carry on through the fall and winter, and here is our pick of the biggest and best shows between now and… SEE MORE