Wood Island Lighthouse - courtesy American Lighthouse Foundation

Wood Island Lighthouse Poem by a Keeper’s Wife

14/11/2017 - The following poem penned by Elmenia P. Lurvey, wife of Wood Island lightkeeper W. F. Lurvey (1917-1923) so beautifully describes the life of lighthouse keeping. The poem appeared in the Bar Harbor Times on February 14, 1923. To learn more about the American Lighthouse Foundation's mission and work saving our… SEE MORE
GIBY's systems tech, Steve Dee, removing Mary E's old GM 4-71 engine.

Repowering an Historic Maine-Built Vessel

3/11/2017 - The oldest Maine-built wooden fishing schooner, still afloat, came home to Maine this spring. Built on the banks of the Kennebec River in 1906, Mary E, a two-masted clipper schooner with a storied past, is now undergoing a complete restoration at Maine Maritime Museum (MMM) - and Great Island Boat… SEE MORE
Passengers on Bow of Steamboat

Connecticut’s Steamboat Past

24/8/2017 - The steamboat was the first form of engine powered travel across water and from about 1820 to 1940, Connecticut’s coastal and riverside residents relied on them as much as we do today on cars and busses for quick transportation. Travel on the Connecticut River was very downstream until the steam… SEE MORE
The safest boat passage is around the outside of the flags

Beware of Fish Traps

3/8/2017 - There is a new hazard that unfortunately is becoming more commonplace along the south coast; I’m talking about Fish Traps! The first time I saw one of these was off Mattapoisett Neck. They now appear off Sakonnet and south of the entrance to Newport. The traps in Mattapoisett and Sakonnet… SEE MORE
The North Haven dinghy class has been racing on the Fox Island Thoroughfare since 1912.

The Fox Island Thoroughfare, a treasure to protect.

27/7/2017 - I’d like to nominate the Fox Island Thoroughfare, to be designated an Historic Sailing Preserve. This natural winding waterway that runs through the vast Fox Island center of Penobscot Bay, has historic sailing significance. An eons old convenient East - West passage of commerce and fishing that was powered by… SEE MORE
Several boatbuilders, such as Classic Boat, are Maine Made members.

Rockland Show to Again Feature Fine Maine-Made Products

5/7/2017 - Maine is the least densely populated state in New England, which often makes it feel like one big community. Our state is also fortunate to host an abundance of artisans who produce high-quality, creative products. The Maine Made Program, founded by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, fosters… SEE MORE
Sabino in the water

Meet the steamboat SABINO

27/6/2017 - The steamboat Sabino has been sitting quietly at her berth in the Shipyard for the past year while some key parts of her propulsion system were being fabricated, notably the boiler and the fresh water tank. The boat’s pilothouse, canopy, and stack, remained on shore for preservation work, which left her looking somewhat… SEE MORE