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The Town of Harrington, established in 1796, is located on the north eastern coast of the State of Maine, in the southern section of Washington County.

Travel approximately 40 miles east on Route 1 from Ellsworth, and you will come through the quaint fishing and farming town of Harrington.

With a year round population of 1004, the town of Harrington was once called the Wreath Capital of the World. We are home to the Worcester Wreath Company, which created and continues to support Wreaths Across America.

Our small town is also home to well known artists Hazel Carter and Sandra Priest.

Our population relies heavily on fishing, clamming, farming, and wreath making. We even made it on the Discovery Channel’s “Dirtiest Jobs”, with two local lobster fishermen, Jason and Joshua Strout.

People have said the Harrington River produces some of the cleanest clams around and for some it provides year around employment.

A new addition to the Town in 2011, was the Downeast Sunrise Trail, which is an old rail-bed that has been turned into a multi-use (ATV, bicycles, horses, snowmobiles, dog sleds, skiing) corridor from Washington Junction in Ellsworth to Ayers Junction in Pembroke. With a total of 80+ miles, approximately 4.25 miles go through Harrington, with stops for gas, pizza, and a home cooked meal.

The Frank E. Woodworth Preserve, located at the south-eastern tip of Ripley Neck in Harrington, includes approximately 130 acres, which includes three islands. Two of the islands, Peter and George Islands, are accessible by foot at low tide. There is a loop trail around the point with beach access on the south.


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