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Isle au Haut, a large wooded island, 543 feet high, 4.2 miles southward of Deer Isle, is one of the principal landmarks of the locality. It has few year-round inhabitants, but a considerable number of summer residents. The coast is mostly foul and must be approached with caution. Part of the island is included in Acadia National Park.

Important Information from the Harbormaster: 

  • We have two mooring rentals are up for grabs first come first serve. They are orange balls with Rent written on them.
  • Anchoring outside the harbor is recommended: picking up private moorings is not allowed. Do not anchor in the cable area
  • The channel is less than 6 ft at low water.
  • Unloading at the town pier is ok, but pease do not leave your boat on the pier.
  • It is important not to block the ferry landing
  • Boats over 16ft are not allowed to tie up to the float for an extended period of time.
  • Here are the rocks people commonly get hung up on:

Rocks to avoid in Isle-au-Haut, ME


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