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Fortunes rise and fall like the tide along the Maine coast, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in tiny Rockport. In the nineteenth century this deep harbor was filled with cargo schooners loading lime from the kilns here, while at the beginning of the twenty-first century Rockport became tranquil as the recession took its toll and longstanding institutions like the Maine Media Workshops (formerly known worldwide as the Maine Photographic Workshops) experienced growing pains. Beginning in 2010, though, downtown Rockport has come back to life, with a range of new establishments like 18 Oyster Bar & Grill, Nina June and new espresso cafe Seafolk, bringing discerning diners back to the village’s streets in the evenings. Now back on steady footing, Maine Media Workshops is once again teaching the next generation of shutterbugs, and through it all the extraordinary boatbuilders at Rockport Marine have continued to handcraft some of the most stunning vessels afloat anywhere in the world today.


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